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TESDA, UPM to develop training court on biomedical equipment servicing 

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The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and the University of the Philippines - Manila (UPM) will work together in developing a training course on biomedical equipment servicing, specifically targeting new and state-of-the ar...

Senator Jinggoy Estrada

Estrada pushes amnesty grant to rebels 

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Senator Jinggoy Estrada on Wednesday recommended the Senate's concurrence to President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.’s proclamations granting amnesty to rebels and insurgents to encourage them to give up their fight, according to a report by...

DOTr wants to expedite rail projects 

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The Department of Transportation (DOTr) is looking to fast-track major railway projects in the country through technical and financial assistance from the Japanese government. During a meeting with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) a...

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30 Things in Your Home You Could Sell for a Bit of Extra Income

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Are you drowning in unwanted stuff in your home or are otherwise bothered by all the clutter where you could have had usable space instead? There are probably a number of these things around your home that you no longer need that someone else is willing to pay for. If you need some quick cash, we’ve got you covered. Here are 30 things around your house that you could sell for some easy money:

1.) Furniture

If you’ve moved homes or changed living situations in the past few years, chances are you might have some furniture pieces that are no longer a good fit for your current space. Thankfully, the online second hand furniture market is extremely active, and you should be able to get some cash for your preloved furniture pieces fairly quickly.

2.) Kitchen Appliances

Infrequently used kitchen appliances can quickly result in unwanted clutter and take away valuable food prep space. If you haven’t used a particular appliance in a while, it may be time to either put it in long-term storage or sell it.

3.) Cameras and Camera Accessories

The market for secondhand cameras is huge. You’ll easily find enthusiasts for film, digital, new, and vintage cameras. There are even people out there who are repurposing old cameras into webcams, CCTVs, and vehicle dashcams. So long as you price your camera well, you’re bound to offload it pretty quickly in most online marketplaces.


4.) Unwanted Gifts

These are probably the first things you should consider selling, especially if the gift-giver doesn’t frequent your favorite online marketplaces. Be sure to take good pictures to show that the items are in mint or good-as-new condition.

5.) Collectibles

If you own collectible items that you don’t really care for, why not sell them to someone who appreciates them? Take a few minutes to research your items so you can get a good price for them at your preferred online marketplace.

6.) Hand or Power Tools

If you’ve upgraded to better tools or no longer have any use for them, why not sell them for some cash? Make sure your listing accurately describes the true condition of your tools for the buyer’s safety.

7.) Old Decor

Are some of your home decor pieces feeling a bit dated? Maybe it’s time to sell them to someone who can make it work in their home. To sell your decor items faster, include clear photos of them against a neutral, clutter-free background on your listing.

8.) Used Clothes

Unwanted clothes are another thing you can sell to make a quick buck. Avoid one of the most common mistakes sellers make on online marketplaces by including the size, brand, colors, and patterns of your items on your listing.

9.) Shoes

If your shoes no longer fit your style and are still in fairly good condition, it’s time to sell them. Be sure to include the exact shoe size. To avoid confusion, state the size in European, US, and UK measurements if you have that information available.

10.) Bags and Luggage

There are plenty of budget-conscious travelers who would love to have your old bags and luggage. It’s worth noting that vintage pieces may also have collectors, so take a few minutes to research what you’ve got before putting them up for sale.

11.) Fashion Accessories

Fashion accessories that no longer work for your style might just be holy grail pieces for someone else. Describe the materials and style accurately on your listings to get more hits and inquiries from budget-conscious fashionistas. 

12.) Artwork

If you have some artwork that you don’t care for, it’s probably for the best to sell it. Include details of the style and the name of the artist to get better hits from online marketplace search results.

13.) Jewelry

As with accessories, jewelry that doesn’t fit your style might not be worth keeping. To maximize the value you get from your pieces, have your jewelry appraised and do some of your own research before setting up your listing.

14.) Bikes

More people than ever before are getting into biking, so you’ll find that your unused bikes might be an easy sell. Be sure to properly describe the bike’s type and model on your listing to get more relevant queries from bike enthusiasts.

15.) Tapes, Vinyl Records, CDs, and DVDs


Old video and audio storage mediums are still of great value to certain types of collectors. Accurately describe the medium and content on your marketplace descriptions to speed up your sales.

16.) Baby Items

Baby-related items get outgrown very quickly. If you don’t expect to have more kids and don’t have friends or relatives that need your child’s old items, you can quickly dispose of these through most online marketplaces.

17.) Pet Items

You’re sure to find bargain hunters for pet toys, crates, aquariums, and other goodies that your animal friends may have outgrown.

18.) Old Phones

Chances are, you already have a few old smartphones lingering in some drawer. After clearing the data on them, you can sell them to people looking for spare phones for some quick cash.

19.) Books

Books that you’re no longer interested in can be sold to make room for more books that you truly value. Include the title, author, and genre of the book in your marketplace postings to maximize your odds of a sale.

20.) Toys

If you have toys that don’t fit your current interests and lifestyle, why not sell them to make a bit of cash? Some toys can be very valuable to the right collectors, so take some time to do research on each toy’s market value before putting them up for sale.

21.) Sporting Goods

Whether you’re upgrading your gear or simply lost interest in a sport, your old sporting equipment and accessories may still be of value to someone else. You can check out similar listings on online marketplaces to find out how much you can expect to get for your preloved sporting goods.

22.) Hobby Items

Musical instruments, home theater equipment, art supplies, and other hobbyist items can sell quite well, provided you post them in the correct marketplaces. The prices of some specific hobbyist items can be volatile, so do some research to find out what the best prices are for your items.

23.) Tech Items

Old laptops, peripherals, chipsets, and other tech items will almost always find willing buyers. Make sure to thoroughly remove any sensitive data on your devices before putting them up for sale.

24.) Formal Clothes

Suits, dresses, and other formal clothes that could no longer be altered or look a bit too dated should probably be sold. The proceeds could then go into formal wear that is a bit more timeless.

25.) Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

If you’ve just finished a bathroom or kitchen remodel, you may have old tiles and fixtures that are just cluttering up your space. If they’re properly sanitized, most of these could be sold to bargain hunters doing their own bath and kitchen builds.

26.) Exercise Equipment

The demand for exercise equipment continues to increase year after year. If you have exercise equipment that you have outgrown or no longer need, you can declutter your home by putting it up for sale. 

27.) Watches

While relatively few people wear watches daily these days, the ones who do are often highly enthusiastic about them. Take some time to research your watches to ensure that you can price them appropriately.

28.) Eyewear

Because of the extraordinarily high prices of quality frames these days, you’re bound to find buyers who may be interested in buying your preloved frames.

Branded eyeglasses and sunglasses tend to hold their value or even slightly appreciate, provided that they are in good condition. Having prescription lenses is not a big issue as these can be swapped out, but you should disclose these on your listing.

29.) Game Cartridges

Old game cartridges are of special interest to those interested in retro gaming. If you have the appropriate console, make sure to test out the cartridge before selling it.

30.) Old Magazines

Old magazines are of particular interest to a variety of collectors. Include clear photos of the covers as well as the years and months of your magazines to speed up sales.

Recover Your Home By Selling Your Preloved Possessions

It’s now easier than ever to turn clutter and other unwanted items into cash that could be used for other things you need. You can now find a wide variety of online marketplaces and social media groups that make it easy to sell preloved and refurbished items. 

When you’re ready to sell on an online marketplace, make sure to include all the relevant information you have about each item. Include as many high-quality photos as you need to make your items stand out from everything else on the marketplace. Most of all, be sure to exercise patience, as it can take some time before a serious inquiry comes up. 

Good luck with your sales!

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