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Elements of Pinoy BL Series That Makes It Relatable

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These days, more people are getting interested in trying out new show genres. Some of them do this out of curiosity while some just want to see what other shows are available across the web. In this regard, the boys’ love genre seems to be making waves in the entertainment industry, not only because it’s talking about something that was once taboo, but also because of the relatability hits it can bring, especially in the LGBTQ scene. You need to watch pinoy BL series or two if you haven’t yet so you can get some insights on why these types of shows seem to grow on a lot of people after some time.

Referencing Filipino personalities as part of the punchlines is where the comedy shows have it.

If you watch shows on local television channels, you might have noticed that there are a lot of mentions about Filipino celebrities, whether dead or alive. The jokes and punchlines in these shows are usually about these personalities, what they’re up to, and their witty and seemingly-immortal lines or sayings. This is something you can relate to whether you like the celebrities or not because you probably grew up hearing or reading about them. You can’t help but get hooked to these shows just because of the humor they bring.

Songs and other similar pieces get some spotlight in major scenes.

Songs usually play a big role in any show as they are usually picked because of how relevant they are in comparison to the scenes and the situations the characters are in at the moment. They’re also used to set up the mood and make the scenes more emotional, depending on what the current situation asks for. In some BL shows, you might find yourself humming the songs played in the background or even searching for them on the internet because they’re just that good and memorable. Some of these songs might even be close to your heart, which is why you can’t help but get all kilig whenever you hear them. If the songs are from years back, they will most likely make you feel nostalgic and hooked to the song (and maybe the show) even more.

Even flirting has its Pinoy take when characters resort to assuming, ghosting, and even going all-out on being cheesy.

Flirting is a major part of romance, and this is something you can definitely relate to, whether you’re in a relationship or not. The way the characters flirt with each other is usually a hit among viewers because it’s something that they can see themselves doing in real life. If they’re not actively doing it, the show somewhat gives them that exhilarating rush that can somehow make them feel the things they might experience if ever they are placed in a similar situation. If you’re currently in the dating scene, you might even find some of the tips and tricks used in these shows useful.

For some folks who may have some special people who were almost their lovers, it’s somewhat inevitable to relate with some of the scenes where the couple would beat around the bush and refuse to tell each other exactly how they really feel. In some cases, this may even bring some familiar sense of frustration, as if almost hoping that the characters will not have the same fate as you did (ouch).

Speaking of flirting, these characters sometimes even resort to pabebe when they want to attract their love interest.

Pabebe is a Filipino term used to describe someone who’s being extra cute-sy to get attention or to express some degree of bashfulness. This is something that a lot of people can relate to, especially those who are still in the process of finding their significant other and they are hesitant to express what they actually feel. At the same time, it sort of serves as a humorous mask to what they really want to say or do. You might have even done this yourself at some point in your life, but we bet you’ll want to admit that (or not).

There are a lot of references to Pinoy street food.

If you’re a foodie, then you’ll definitely enjoy the references to street food in these shows. This is something that a lot of people can relate to because street food is something that’s very prevalent in the Philippines. You’ll definitely find yourself crave for some of these foods after watching a few episodes.

Friendships are formed over common activities, like eating, drinking, and hanging out.

Friendships are a big part of any show, and this is something that a lot of people can relate to. You probably have your own group of friends that you do common activities with, like eating, drinking, and hanging out. You’ll definitely find yourself drawn to the friendship scenes in these shows because they’re so relatable.

Some shows have references to lack of phone credits or poor internet connection.

This is something that a lot of people can relate to because it’s a very common problem in the Philippines. You probably have experienced this yourself at some point in your life. It’s definitely a thorn in the side for a lot of people, but it’s something that you can’t help but laugh at because it’s just so relatable.

Festivities abound, and along these are the family traditions of celebrating together.

Festivities are a big part of Filipino culture, and this is something that a lot of people can relate to. You probably have your own set of traditions that you do every year. You’ll definitely find yourself drawn to the scenes in these shows where the characters are celebrating together because it’s just so relatable.

Lots of kilig moments are sprinkled across some series and make for a feel-good watch.

Kilig is a Filipino term used to describe the feeling of happiness and butterflies in your stomach. This is something that a lot of people can relate to because it’s a very common feeling. You probably have experienced this yourself at some point in your life. You’ll definitely find yourself drawn to the kilig moments in these shows because they’re just so relatable.

And even if there are a lot of funny scenes, the bottomline still focuses on the most important stuff.

While the characters focus on their love and friendship and other smaller things in between, they make sure to stay true to themselves no matter what the challenges they face are. With a lot of staged images, videos, and posts thanks to social media, it can sometimes be a difficult thing to see something that’s not really filtered. In this case, Pinoy BL series becomes a breath of fresh air because these shows slap the audience with the harsh reality of life, so to speak.

Also, there’s increased awareness when it comes to pressing social issues.

Aside from the feel-good vibes, some BL series are also known for their awareness on pressing social issues. Some of them tackle about physical and emotional abuse, discrimination, child labor, poverty, and more. With the way how these are presented, it’s not really a surprise that a lot of people are getting hooked to these shows. After all, LGBTQ or cisgendered, we all go through similar issues at some points in our lives.

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