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Philippines cheers Pacquiao victory

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Raucous cheers erupted from Philippine boxing fans in Manila who jumped in joy to celebrate the victory of Manny Pacquiao against Adrien Broner on Sunday, January 20, comparing their 40-year-old idol to a "fine wine."

Filipinos had been confident their champion Pacquiao would easily defend his welterweight title in Las Vegas and the boxer did not disappoint, earning a unanimous decision victory against an opponent 11 years his junior. 

From children to the elderly, screaming and fist-pumping fans gathered together to watch the fight in the nation's gymnasiums at traditional free public viewing events.

Pacquiao, dubbed the "Pambasang Kamao" (Philippine national fist), is considered a hero whose rise from high school dropout to millionaire world boxing champion in an unprecedented 8 weight divisions is an enormous source of pride.

During his younger years, Pacquiao's bouts brought the country to a standstill, with authorities saying traffic and crime virtually ceased.

While crowds have thinned in the twilight of Pacquiao's career, hordes of fans still gathered in covered courts and even military camps to watch the fight which took place Sunday afternoon in the Philippine time zone.

Pacquiao is a reserve army colonel and an elected senator allied with President Rodrigo Duterte.

But some analysts expressed doubt that Pacquiao would secure a rematch with Floyd Mayweather –who watched the bout from ringside – following the Filipino's 2015 loss, saying he failed to knock Broner down.

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