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QC eyes high-rise housing projects

in City News / Quezon City by 258

Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte on Thursday reiterated the viability of providing high-rise type residences for the hundreds of thousands informal settlers as a solution to the lack of space in the city for housing projects.

As part of the planned relocation of informal settler families, Belmonte saw the need to change the mindset of informal settlers, who preferred bungalow-type residences.

“One of the concerns for our planned in-city relocation is our area, whether we have available space in Quezon City where we can construct houses for our informal settlers. I think to solve this, we should change the mindset of our people first,” Belmonte said.

She insisted that the high-rise residential development, which covered a smaller land area, would be more ideal for Quezon City.

“I know this is something different, but that is the solution we think can solve the city’s housing backlog,” Belmonte said.

To allay the fears of informal settlers, Belmonte vowed to implement the in-city relocation of informal settler families to promote secured socialized housing and inclusive growth.

“My goal is to keep Quezon City residents within the city. If you are from QC, then you should be living in QC,” she said.

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