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PNP sets up 4,500 assistance desks across PH

in PNP Balita / Metro Manila by 366

The Philippine National Police has established more than 4,500 police assistance desks or centers nationwide as part of its “Oplan Ligtas Sumvac 2019.”

PNP spokesperson Col. Bernard Banac said that as of Wednesday, April 10, a total of 4,548 police assistance desks were being manned by 25,723 police personnel in order to ensure safe travel of motorists and commuters for the summer months and the Lenten season.

Banac said the PNP was encouraging the public to observe precautions, especially while traveling to their destinations.

Police are also giving safety tips to travelers and tourists taking public transportation, and visiting churches, beaches, and resorts.

For those who are travelers using their own vehicles, the police recommend following these tips:

  • Plan your drive, drive your plan, run the BLOWBAGETS checklist (Battery, Light, Oil, Water, Brakes, Air, Gas, Engine, Tires, and Self).

  • Install Smartphone apps that may be useful in planning a road trip by selecting the shortest and safest route, and identifying motorist assistance points, rest stops, and location of police outposts.

  • Vehicle documents, such as Certificate of Registration, Official Receipt, and driver’s license should be kept inside the vehicle in case of emergency and checkpoint.

  • See to it that the driver has enough rest and is in good condition before going on a long drive.

  • Keep calm while driving and always obey traffic rules and speed limits.

For travelers using bus terminals, airports, and seaports:

  • Arrive early in terminals, sea and air ports when traveling with the elderly and children.

  • Secure tickets and passports.

  • Avoid wearing expensive jewelry.

  • Look after belongings and constantly check them.

  • Be alert for snatchers.

  • If possible, travel light.

For those who are leaving their homes during vacation:

  • Don’t let many people know you are leaving your home unattended.

  • Make sure house doors are locked.

  • Make sure that appliances are unplugged.

  • As much as possible, use burglar alarms or install CCTV.

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