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In absence of guidelines on motorcades, just follow road rules, bets told

in MMDA Balita / Metro Manila by 268

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority over the weekend said they were not enforcing guidelines for campaign motorcades, but were urging candidates to be considerate to other motorists and follow road rules.

Edison “Bong” Nebrija, MMDA Edsa Traffic Manager, said having motorcades on main thoroughfares should be avoided, even on weekends.

“Even before the local campaign started, we tell the candidates that, if only it is okay, should they do a motorcade, they should avoid going through the main thoroughfares, even if it is the weekend,” Nebrija said.

“During weekends, our fellow Filipinos just want to have a family day and go out with their children, and yet when there is a motorcade, the line of cars on the road is very long, they are really affected,” he said.

Nebrija reminded candidates to be considerate of fellow motorists and to refrain from actions that would aggravate others, as this may backfire on them and reflect on election results.

He also warned those who would join motorcades onboard motorcycles to wear helmets.

“Just because you are in a motorcade does not mean you are exempted from harm. For everyone’s safety, wear helmets. You can put campaign stickers on the helmet,” Nebrija said.

Nebrija said candidates should also inform the MMDA of their motorcade plans so they could help manage traffic during the activity.

“Candidates are not required to secure permits from us, but many reach out to the MMDA when they are planning to have a motorcade, advising us on their route. This helps us because we can send out our traffic enforcers and help with managing traffic,” he explained.

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