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Mandaluyong top cop calls for orderly water distribution

in City News / Mandaluyong by 293

The chief of police in Mandaluyong City on Thursday issued a stern warning to residents who sow chaos during the distribution of water to barangays affected by the ongoing water crisis, saying he would not hesitate to have them arrested.

“If you create disorder during the distribution, you will be arrested,” Sr. Supt. Moises Villaceran said.

Villaceran said the situation in areas of distribution was manageable, but pointed out that there were some residents who tried to cut into the line.

In a bid to maintain order at water distribution areas, Villaceran has deployed his men while the heads of the barangays facilitated the water rationing.

“All barangay chairpersons were advised to facilitate the distribution of water with the presence of police,” he said.

Mandaluyong is one of the cities in the National Capital Region hit the hardest by the water supply shortage.

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