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Comelec: About half of 63-M ballots already printed

in Halalan 2019 / Metro Manila by 265

The Commission on Elections on Wednesday reported that it had printed more than 28 million ballots, or almost half of the total 63-million ballots needed for the May 13, 2019, national and local elections.

James Jimenez, spokesperson of the poll body, noted that they were on track in the preparations for the elections.

“The daily average of ballots being printed at the National Printing Office is one million, and 45.38 percent, or 28,887,821, have been printed as of March 11, 2019,” Jimenez said.

He said they expect to finish printing earlier than the projected date, April 25.

The poll body official said the dispatch of official ballots, accountable forms, and other supplies, as well as automated election system equipment would begin on April 24.

“These various election paraphernalia will be dispatched to the regional offices of the Comelec on a staggered schedule, and is targeted to be completed within five days of the start of dispatch,” Jimenez said.

He also reported that the training of Election Boards, who would serve in the May polls, was ongoing.

“EBs in the far-flung areas, such as in the Mindanao provinces, are being prioritized,” Jimenez said.

Earlier, the Comelec reported that the first ballots to be printed were for overseas absentee voting, followed by those for provinces in Mindanao, Visayas, Luzon, and the National Capital Region.

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