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Covid-19 reproduction in Quezon City drops to 6-week low

account_balanceQuezon City access_time5 days ago

The Quezon City coronavirus disease (Covid-19) reproduction number fell to its lowest in six weeks. According to OCTA Research, the city’s reproduction number, which shows how contagious an infectious disease is or the number of people who can...

Quezon City suspends 'bike helmet' policy 

account_balanceQuezon City access_time5 days ago

Bicycle riders in Quezon City welcomed the suspension by the city government of an ordinance requiring a biker to wear a helmet or else be slapped with a fine, according to a report by Philippine News Agency. Mayor Joy Belmonte said they will i...

Fill Me In

The Bright Side

chrome_reader_modeOctober 23, 2020 loyalty account_circleLeigh Bellosillo

For a psychiatrist, looking at the bright side is often better, no matter what the situation is. It is the glimmer of hope that makes a lot of difference. Instead of being weighed down by negative developments, you should reconsider your blessings because others may not be as fortunate. Looking at ...

Just Because

chrome_reader_modeOctober 13, 2020 loyalty account_circleLeigh Bellosillo

The Philippines has apparently implemented the longest lockdown among countries affected by coronavirus.  As I write this piece, while other countries are opening up their borders, the Philippines keeps its mobility restrictions on senior citizens and children. Reading social media posts, some...

Frustrating Debate

chrome_reader_modeSeptember 18, 2020 loyalty account_circleLeigh Bellosillo

I find it frustrating to hear the discussions among concerned agencies on a new ruling that we, the people, have to follow under this pandemic environment. The argument on the shortening of the distance between passengers in public transportation remains heated among medical professionals, the auth...

Sony set to launch PlayStation 5 In November 

chrome_reader_modeSeptember 17, 2020 loyalty account_circleJames Lopes

TOKYO/STOCKHOLM - Sony Corp said the next-generation PlayStation 5 console would launch in November priced at $499.99 and $399.99 for a version without a disk drive, as it squares off against rival Microsoft Corp's Xbox console. The pricing announcement sets the stage for a year-end showdown be...

Two Weeks More

chrome_reader_modeAugust 15, 2020 loyalty account_circleLeigh Bellosillo

Whoever wants negativity? Naturally, no one! It’s just that you, me and the entire humanity in this unpleasant, unhealthy condition caused by the virus has to accept the current situation and more importantly, contribute our share in reducing the increasing positive trend. Yes, we have to no ...

Can’t Get Enough

chrome_reader_modeAugust 08, 2020 loyalty account_circleLeigh Bellosillo

The strict mobility imposed under MECQ has prevented this foot loose from going around town to look for vignettes and other small items that would fill you in for a better view of what’s up around town. On the backdrop of the two previous columns, the issue of the network war keeps coming bac...

Network War Still On

chrome_reader_modeJuly 28, 2020 loyalty account_circleLeigh Bellosillo

In my most recent column piece  (Towering No More) I mentioned that one of the fall out of the non-renewal of the ABS-CBN franchise is the eventual demise of the so-called network war.  For the millions of the viewing public, the lack of stiff competition with GMA 7 providing comfort, it ...

Towering No more

chrome_reader_modeJuly 20, 2020 loyalty account_circleLeigh Bellosillo

This your dude around town promised to fill you in on what’s in our environs. I’m not going to tell who’s still in and who’s out of the list now following the unexpected or what’s already resumed non-renewal of the ABS-CBN franchise.  Some have written that it&rsq...


chrome_reader_modeJuly 11, 2020 loyalty account_circleLeigh Bellosillo

“Ay, ‘pre na-kuryente ka,” referring to an error in a journalist’s story.  That was back in the early years of my being a journalist. “Na-kuryente, Meralcoed, Napocored,” was some of the words used then, depending on the gravity or degree of your mistake. &...

Change and review

chrome_reader_modeJuly 04, 2020 loyalty account_circleLeigh Bellosillo

Remember when “change is coming” was president Barack Obama’s battle cry during his presidency? Here, in our corner of the world, the country, like so many other places, it took COVID-19 to lead us to change. The more than 100 days of the lockdown has changed the course of our dai...

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