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QC to install more CCTVs, improve hotline

in City News / Quezon City by 307

Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte on Thursday vowed to enhance the city’s response to violence against women by installing more closed-circuit television cameras and improving its 24-hour emergency hotline.

“Every corner of Quezon City should have a CCTV camera – every nook and cranny. It is the only way we can combat criminality and ensure our women live in peace and harmony,” Belmonte said.

She also vowed to enhance the 24-hour hotline, 122, saying it is an effective way of providing immediate response to emergencies.

“In Quezon City, we have 122 for different emergencies, but this isn’t perfect yet. We have to enhance it so that we can make sure that every concern is heard and addressed, and everyone who encounters mishaps in the city can access it any time,” Belmonte said.

She also cited the city’s anti-catcalling ordinance, which urges women to report to authorities whenever they hear catcalls.

“I know there are those among us who just ignore such incidents because they are afraid to file a complaint. But here in Quezon City, we have already detained some persons for catcalls. So don’t be afraid because the law is there to support you,” Belmonte told those in attendance at the Women’s Convention held at city hall.

The city has recently been awarded by the Philippine Commission on Women for its gender-responsive governance and comprehensive programs on gender and development.

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